LeoDuk Design: Cottage
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The interior of the first floor of the cottage, located in the city. Lutsk. Area projected room 102 sq.m. Year of design 2014.

The interior in the style of minimalism. Planning - free type. Functionally provided here sitting area with media area, dining area, cooking area, a zone with a flight of stairs to the second floor and the bathroom. The main decoration materials are light wood, which covered the floor and one of the walls of the room, and some pieces of furniture (coffee table, dining table, etc. ..); the rest of the walls and ceiling are covered with plaster painted a warm shade of gray; also found decorated with natural stone - travertine gray shade, which is decorated kitchen work surfaces and walls and a box of kitchen furniture. In the decoration of a flight of stairs used sheet metal piece black to complement the severity and conciseness of the premises. Opposite the flight of stairs to a large wall mounted panels, travertine, forming a decorative panel. Lighting for this building was chosen searchlight type of directional light source.