LeoDuk Design: Two rooms apartament
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Two-room apartment in Lutsk (Ukraine).

Also there staying single businesswoman who most of their time at work. Rational minimalist design provides mistress impression of lightness and inner freedom. However, the apartment has everything you need for a combination of work and rest. The space separating the central "block", which contains a bedroom. Around him gently flowing premises other functional areas: kitchen - corridor - sitting room - office (located on a connected to the living area balcony). No clear differentiation creates a sense of space. On the expansion of space and light working range finish. The only warm accent to the external design of the sleeping unit harmoniously combined with a mat on the floor and in front of the painting in our plan should serve as improving mood and bring warmth to the overall atmosphere of the house.
Area 58 sq.m.
Implementation of 2015
Photo - Viktor Golikov
Author paintings - Andrew Kalkov